東 京 黎 明 教 会

Our movement is dedicated to spreading the

teaching of Mokichi Okada, its founder.

The core of his teaching is the practice of Johrei, or

spiritual purification and healing.

Okada Mokichi
岡田 茂吉 (1882-1955)

Born to heal the world through

the divine light of Johrei

Mokichi Okada was born with the sacred mission to

teach humankind about the divine light of Johrei. In this

world, he led countless people to happiness and

fulfillment in their lives. His warm, affectionate nature

inspired the trust of everyone he met.

Johrei means divine purifying light. To administer Johrei is to channel the light simply by holding out your hand toward the ailing area. It involves no physical contact with the other person. Today, more than a million people around the world are administering and teaching about Johrei.

Experiments were carried out at V.A.Hospital and University of Arizona in the United States, and the high effect of Johrei was recognized.

Happy Voice
A voice of the joy of the experient

Johrei has wrought miracles in the lives of countless people.

Listen to just a few of them…

The Tremendous Miracle of The Expulsion

of a 1.5x1 cm Stone (calculus)

In August of 2000, I felt dull pain in my lower left abdomen. In October I experienced sharp pain in the region from my left kidney area to the area on my left side between my chest and hip. I thought that perhaps it might be some kind of stone (calculus). In November when I underwent the annual company physical check-up, I was asked to get my blood retested due to the presence of occult blood in the urine. The results were that my white corpuscle count was very high and that the presence of calcium oxalate, one of the constituents of stones, was verified. It was all but confirmed that there were stones in my body. I decided that I wanted to eliminate the stones in a way that fit my body, on my own terms, without surgery and without medicines, naturally, relying solely on Johrei. I started on a concentrated series of Johrei and was able to eliminate a large stone that measured 1.5 cm in length and 1 cm in width.

Saved from Eighteen-year-long Battle

with Drugs over Atopic Dermatitis

With every application of medicine, the atopic dermatitis from which I had suffered since infancy worsened. In the summer of my eighteenth year, I was afflicted with drug eruptions that were so bad that pus flowed from my entire face. Also, I was tormented by a fear of medicines. It was just at that time that I heard of Johrei. At first I doubted whether Johrei would work, but I started to receive Johrei in the middle of January of 1990, and by the middle of June of that same year, my face that had been covered with pus was completely clear and normal.

Stung repeatedly by wasps on both my limbs,

severe pain and inflammation relieved in a short time

One day in September 1995, at the very moment I went to exterminate the wasps on the veranda of my house by placing a 20 cm-diameter wasp nest in a plastic bag, I was attacked by several wasps and stung on the heels and on the arches of both my feet. I experienced severe pain like that of being stabbed by a pair of hot metal tongs in several places that almost made me lose consciousness, and both my feet reddened brightly and became inflamed. As my son started to channel Johrei to me, the pain increased greatly and I tried hard to bear it, but after about thirty or forty minutes, the pain disappeared as if never there, and the inflammation also diminished. After that, I was able to sleep soundly until the following morning and by the next day had become so much better that I was able to work as well as any other day. I was greatly impressed by the all so wonderful effect of Johrei. Thank you very much.

Nature Farming
The object of nature farming is to keep the soil pure by relying only on the natural bounty of earth, water, air, and sunlight.

Nature farming is based on a basic principle of nature: soil has an inherent capacity to adequately nourish plants. If it is treated with loving care, the soil draws on its innate vitality to produce enough

pure and wholesome food to sustain all human beings.

That means we must add nothing whatsoever to soil or plants.

It employs literally no additional substances―neither agrochemicals, fertilizer, manure, not even compost. Today rice, vegetables, and tea grown by this method are produced in fields all over Japan.

Food for Life

Many people who cannot get anything else down can eat these products, and everyone says that they taste very good. Countless individuals have written of their gratitude and joy upon regaining health and vitality on a diet of nature farming foods.

TOREK Museum of Art

Beauty, Art, and Spiritual Growth

Mokichi Okada taught us how beauty enriches the spirit. Exposure to beautiful art works can move the soul, thereby building character and refining our humanity. To encounter the work of a gifted painter, musician, writer, sculptor, or other artist, whose soul is lofty and whose ability reflects purity of spirit, is to experience power that ennobles the spirit.