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The Tremendous Miracle of The Expulsion of a 1.5x1 cm Stone (calculus)

Y.A., Tokyo

In August of 2000, I felt dull pain in my lower left abdomen. In October I experienced sharp pain in the region from my left kidney area to the area on my left side between my chest and hip. I thought that perhaps it might be some kind of stone (calculus). In November when I underwent the annual company physical check-up, I was asked to get my blood retested due to the presence of occult blood in the urine. The results were that my white corpuscle count was very high and that the presence of calcium oxalate, one of the constituents of stones, was verified. It was all but confirmed that there were stones in my body. I decided that I wanted to eliminate the stones in a way that fit my body, on my own terms, without surgery and without medicines, naturally, relying solely on Johrei. I started on a concentrated series of Johrei and was able to eliminate a large stone that measured 1.5 cm in length and 1 cm in width.

Pain in the left side of my abdomen

In the middle of August of 2000, I felt dull pain in the lower left side of my abdomen. This pain was similar to one I had experienced before with a stone. Perhaps this is another one, I thought to myself. There was no pain at the end of August, but there was blood in my urine. When it got to October, I experienced sharp pain in the region from my upper left side to the kidney area. For the several hours that I suffered this pain, I was not able to urinate at all. When the pain stopped, I urinated a great amount that was pure red with blood. This kind of thing happened once or twice a month, and when there was no pain, urination was normal. The pain, when I had it, was like the pain when I had had a stone before, but I was quite surprised by the amount of bloody urine, so much so that I thought that my condition might be something different than kidney stones.

Company health check-up

It became time in the company where I work for annual health check-ups, and because during the tests, occult blood in my urine was discovered, I had to be retested. A while later, there was a call from the place where the tests were conducted, and I was asked if my lower back was not experiencing pain. They had found something serious, and I was told to go the next day and see the company doctor. Since I did not want to undergo surgery or take medicines but through Johrei eliminate the stone naturally, in my own way, in a way and timing that suited my own body, I told the doctor that I was already under treatment for a stone. The doctor reported to me that the tests showed an abnormally great amount of white corpuscles in my blood and that a constituent of stones, calcium oxalate, was also discovered. He agreed with me that I had a stone and said that it was continuing to injure the area around it which was the reason for the great amount of white corpuscles. He told me he would give it a year to see how it turned out.

Encouragement from friends

For a while there was no change in my condition, and gradually the pain in my kidney and side area went away, but my bladder and prostate started to hurt. Normally there was not any pain, but when I urinated, and the urine flow stopped, I felt a sharp pain. From this period, there was a lot of blood in my urine, and even at times when the color was weak, it was possible to make out that clearly it was blood. During May, I experienced one week during which I continued to eliminate bloody urine. I had to go to the toilet over ten times a day, and each time I experienced sharp pain. Because I continued to have the sensation of residual urine, my perception of physical sensation became warped. I felt as if I were still urinating but nothing was coming out. This strange feeling stopped in August, but the pain while urinating and the pain when stopping urination became sharper. During this period, I continued to have to just wait and be still after urinating.
This was the condition I was in, but with blessings, I was able to continue work at my company without taking hardly any time off. My work is in sales, but thankfully, even in these difficult economic times, I had a lot to do and often times had to work overtime, being the last person out of the office. After that, I did go to the Higashi Nakano Church, and there were many times when it was past ten o'clock at night, but every one at church took good care of me and readily channeled Johrei to me. Thank you all very much.

Sharp pain and bloody urine

In the evening of December 12, I experienced movement in my urethra. When I went to the toilet, all that happened was that I felt sharp pain and urinated bloody urine. No object came out, but I felt something moving around. After that, the pain after urination was so bad, and I could not move from that spot at all. After that, I headed for the church and on the way had to stop and rest several times. I arrived at church after ten o'clock at night. I felt better when I received Johrei, and it seemed to me that something monstrous would come out of my urethra.
On December 14, I had severe hemorrhaging when I stopped urinating. Even before I had begun urinating, there was pure blood at first, and after all the urine came out, blood dripped out. The pain became worse and I even got a fever. At night, after going to the bathroom and I had stopped urinating, two objects the consistency of slugs also came out. Picking them out of the toilet, they were 3 cm long and 5 mm wide and were lumps of blood almost like pieces of flesh. I thought I would feel better after this, but the pain worsened and the blood did not stop flowing. Because even my underwear was getting so bloody, I had to borrow my wife's sanitary napkins, but thanks to Johrei, I was able to sleep at night.

The head of the stone appears

After one night, on December 15, when I received Johrei, I felt something go past my prostate and went to the toilet. A great amount of blood with urine came out. I could not sit due to the pain and had to receive Johrei standing up. I felt better with Johrei and was even able to eat. I was afraid of the next urge to go to the bathroom, but my wife seemed to look forward to it.
The next time I had to urinate arrived. After urination, shivering with pain, I looked down and saw something was protruding. What is this I thought as I touched it. It was rather rough, and I called out, "It's a stone, it's a stone!" My wife was also stupefied. I wondered why the stone had stopped where it did, and tried to pull it out, but it hurt and would not budge even a bit. Normally, if it had come out this far, it should have come all the way out, but it had stopped here. Looking at the end of the stone closely, there was hardly any space for urine to come out, and I rather uneasily wondered what would happen if the urine could not come out. Receiving Johrei, I waited for the next time I would feel the urge to urinate.

The stone finally comes out

Finally came the urge to urinate. Happily, my wife prepared a net to catch the stone. And, at the next moment, with no pain, the stone came out. I was in a fine position but with my wife celebrated. Strangely enough, after the stone came out, there not one drop of blood.
Right away we looked into the toilet and saw a large stone and also a lump like the slug-like one we had seen the day before. After cleaning the stone off, we measured it and found it to be 1.5 cm long and 1 cm wide. I had previously read a magazine article where it was stated that a stone over 8 mm could not be naturally eliminated and required either surgery or laser treatment. I was very thankful. With Meishu-sama's power that surpasses common sense and the wonderfulness of Johrei, not only am I happy in my heart, I am also very thankful that I have a physical object to show of my purification.

Physical recovery after elimination

My own thinking is that the first lump of blood with the consistency of a slug concealed a stone that had been carried from my kidneys. My father had had a kidney stone removed by surgery but even after that still got another kidney stone, and eliminated it with medicines. Right away I showed the stone to my father. He was quite surprised. My father's stone had been about the size of a grain of rice and had been eliminated with diuretics to increase urine flow and other drugs to widen the urethra. My parents had been quite skeptical about Johrei, but they said I should keep the stone because it was important evidence of God's power. I was very happy to hear them say this. My wife's parents as well were surprised by the size of the stone and were very happy for me. This stone has become a family treasure. Since then, my urine flow has become so much stronger than before, so much so that I want others to see it. Whether because my urine flow suddenly became better after elimination of the stone, I do not know, but the sensation in my abdomen was peculiar. After about a month, however, my abdomen returned to normal.

I have reported here on how the stone came to be eliminated, but at work as well, all my colleagues cooperated to the extent that I was able to receive an award from the president for my services to the company.