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Stung repeatedly by wasps on both my limbs, severe pain and inflammation relieved in a short time

K. N., Agatsuma, Gunma

One day in September 1995, at the very moment I went to exterminate the wasps on the veranda of my house by placing a 20 cm-diameter wasp nest in a plastic bag, I was attacked by several wasps and stung on the heels and on the arches of both my feet. I experienced severe pain like that of being stabbed by a pair of hot metal tongs in several places that almost made me lose consciousness, and both my feet reddened brightly and became inflamed. As my son started to channel Johrei to me, the pain increased greatly and I tried hard to bear it, but after about thirty or forty minutes, the pain disappeared as if never there, and the inflammation also diminished. After that, I was able to sleep soundly until the following morning and by the next day had become so much better that I was able to work as well as any other day. I was greatly impressed by the all so wonderful effect of Johrei. Thank you very much.

Harm from wasps

Our household runs a fruit orchard in Agatsuma Town, Gunma Prefecture where tourists can come and pick their own fruit. We grow apples, plums, cherries, grapes, and other fruits. Between August and September each year, wasps make a very big nest near our house. The wasps eat vegetables that are kept in the storehouse and apples from the orchard, rendering them useless for sale or shipping. As you know, wasps can get up to 3 cm long, and being omnivorous, are quite frightening. Every year, there are people who die from the sting of wasps.

Stung on the right hand by wasps

On a hot day in September 1995, when I was working outside, I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my right arm as if I had been pierced by hot metal tongs. When I looked up, I saw right under the eaves of the storehouse a wasp nest about 30 cm in diameter with several dozens of wasps buzzing about. I immediately ran away. The pain was so bad that I peeled open an aloe fruit and poured the juice on my skin but the right arm reddened and became inflamed, growing to the size of a small ball. The throbbing pain did not go away.

First nest easily disposed of

My father told me there was another wasp nest on the veranda of one of the other buildings in our orchard, and I thought something must be done to prevent further harm. On that day, I decided to remove the two nests, waiting until dark when all the wasps had returned to their nests. As part of my duties as a volunteer fireman, I had had experience in disposing of nests, so I thought I could easily remove the wasp nests that evening as well. Around nine o'clock, protected by rubber gloves, a long-sleeved raincoat, a knitted cap, and fishing boots, I approached the first nest. The nest in the eaves of the storehouse, hanging from a rafter, went easily into a plastic bag and was disposed of.

Attacked by several wasps

After taking care of the first nest, I went to the veranda on the other building. To get to the veranda, I had to go through the house, so I took off my boots and changed into slippers. The 20 cm-diameter nest was on the bottom shelf of a two-level flower stand. The moment I put a plastic bag over the nest, I was attacked by several wasps and stung on the heels and arches of both my feet. Somehow or another I was able to remove the nest but rapidly grew faint from the hot pain that felt as if I had been stabbed by hot metal tongs in over ten places. At the same time, both feet swelled to a bright red. When I finally got inside a room of the house, my daughter called in a loud voice, "Dad has been stung by wasps!" to my wife and son who had just returned from church.

I receive Johrei from my son

My wife and son came up beside me, and were surprised to see my condition. Right away my son started to channel Johrei to me. When the Johrei began, the places that had been stung became feverish and hurt to a degree that was difficult to bear. I clenched my teeth and desperately tried to withstand the pain. It felt like a long time had passed, but finally, the pain in the areas affected gradually took a turn toward chilling, and I thought that the poison from the wasp stings had worked its way out.

An experience that surpassed expectations

And then, in no time, the pain disappeared, and the areas on both feet that had swollen to a flaming red shrank, changed to a pink color, and soon returned to skin color. As if I had been stabbed by a black ball-point pen, six places on the sole of my left foot and two places on the sole of my right foot had marks. It was quite an unusual experience and I felt as if I had been freed from the prospect of a terrible fate. I was happy at the relief of liberation from the pain, and, whether or not it was because my physical body was fatigued from the severe pain, I slept soundly until the next morning.

A wonderful miracle

The next day, my feet had completely recovered and I could wear sneakers and go outside to work. Until this experience, I had been rather doubtful about Johrei, but having had this wonderful miracle and getting better without medicines or drugs was amazing. Johrei is amazing. Thank you very much.