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Diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Saved by Johrei

F.O., Tokyo, Japan

In September 1999, I underwent an examination provided at no cost to the elderly sponsored by the local municipality, and afterwards I was asked to go to the local clinical cancer center for further tests. As a result of those tests, a cancerous growth of one centimeter was found in my right lung. My own regular hospital and the clinical cancer center both strongly recommended surgery, but at my age of seventy-nine, I could not shake off feelings of unease at the thought of surgery and could not come to a decision. It was just at that time that I remembered what I had previously heard about Johrei and started to receive it. As I continued to receive Johrei for a while, my condition slowly improved. And, in the results of an x-ray examination I had in April 2002 at the hospital, the shadow on my lung had become so tiny it was hardly visible.

You Have Cancer

I had always believed that if one became sick, one went to the hospital, and if one took medicine, one was cured. I had continued for eight years to take medicine for my blood pressure, and I had also taken drugs for the prevention of the progress of a cataract. From my daughter-in-law, however, I heard that medicines were toxic, so it was better not take them. She told me that without taking drugs and just by having someone shadow their palm over the body, sickness was made better, and she told me how her own rheumatism and duodenal ulcer had been healed with Johrei, but I did not believe her.
The city in which I live provides free medical examinations for the elderly every year. As I had done every year before, I went to my regular hospital for an examination in September 1999. When the results came through, the hospital doctor told me that there was a shadow on my chest x-ray and that I should be examined again at the National Clinical Cancer Center Hospital East at Kashiwa. I was given a copy of my x-ray photograph and a letter of introduction. However, I was not able to tell my family of the situation and worried myself about when would I tell them. I gathered my courage and told my son and his wife, and then went to the cancer center hospital. The tests took all day. It was a very fatiguing experience, both physically and mentally. And to make matters worse, they said there also seemed to be something wrong with my heart and wanted to do further tests. I became even more uneasy.
The results of the tests that came out six days later were that on my right lung was a cancerous lump about one centimeter big. The doctor recommended surgery on the lung. I was also told there appeared to be a hole in my heart as well, but that it would not affect the surgery on my lung. I was told that hospitalization would be for two weeks, that is, one week for tests, then the surgery, and that recovery could take a while.


The doctor told me, "Even with surgery, what will happen afterwards, I cannot say. Only God knows." It was the first time that I had ever come across a hospital doctor who used the word "God," "God," over and over again, and I thought it peculiar. At my age, I did not want to undergo surgery and the idea of being hospitalized did not appeal to me either. I thought I would try and receive the Johrei that my daughter-in-law had talked about. My daughter-in-law said, "Mother, it may be that you want to have God save you," and I decided to seek help from God, and leave all in divine hands.
From that day, I stopped taking medicines and began to receive Johrei. When I received Johrei, my face became warm, as if I were standing in front of a heating stove. I felt heat in my back as well, and I thought it most strange as I was not at all being touched. As Johrei was channeled to me, my breathlessness became better, my whole body felt lighter, and my legs which had become cramped every night became completely better, and I was able to get a good night's sleep every night. My desire to not undergo surgery but try Johrei became stronger. When I told my family of my desire, they gently said that since I had decided so, they would believe in me. I was relieved.
When I told the doctor at the cancer center that I would not have the operation, he strongly insisted that it was a ninety-nine percent possibility that the shadow on my lung was cancerous and that if it was operated on at present, it would get better. But, since my determination was firm, I did not waver in spite of what the doctor said.
On the way home from the hospital, my daughter-in-law said to me, "Mother, let's go to God's house and give thanks for letting matters proceed as you wished," and I thought it most appropriate. We then went to the church. On the way home from church, we went by my local hospital and told them that I had turned down the operation at the cancer center. The doctors there said, "Even the doctors at the center said that an operation was best. If you have one now, you will improve, and you can live in health to ninety or a hundred years. It would be pity if you were to suffer, so we do recommend you have the operation," but I told them that I would absolutely not have an operation and that matters were all right as they were. All they said was "too bad."

Feeling the Wonderful Effects of Johrei

Then, the doctor took my blood pressure, and although I had not taken any medicine for blood pressure since October 19, he said that my blood pressure was just fine. Again, I thought that the power of Johrei was indeed something. As we were about to leave the hospital, the head nurse spoke to my daughter-in-law. I thought the nurse was trying to convince my daughter-in-law to have me reconsider surgery and did not join in their conversation, but later my daughter-in-law told me that the nurse had said to her in a very serious tone that she thought it better I did not have surgery, that although the doctor recommended an operation, there was not one person who had gotten better. Further, that only God knows the future. She said she thought the progress of the cancer was very slow, but that with surgery and tests, my body would weaken, and that as a result, my mental and emotional stamina would also weaken. She said the wishes of the patient should be respected and that I should live out the rest of my life as is. She urged my daughter-in-law to get in touch if any advice was needed. From the time I had started to continuously receive Johrei at church, lots of quite impure nasal mucous was eliminated which until now I had never before experienced. Then, on January 13, 2000, I received my precious focal point. My daughter-in-law told me, "Now, if there is someone suffering, you can just hold your hand over them and make them comfortable. Johrei's power is something, isn't it?" I truly believed so. Until then, my son and his wife had talked about how medicines were so terrifying, but I had not believed them. For many years, I had had another faith which had saved me spiritually, but that faith had not taught about medicines. When sick, go to the hospital. Undergo surgery. Those were the only things that could be done. If I had continued to take medicines and had undergone surgery, what would I be like now? I am very thankful to have been saved from such terrible consequences. I had also been worried about my eyes and now I do not have to use glasses. Still another issue was that I had felt pressure in my chest whenever I ate, but now, I do not experience that sensation at all and can eat anything.

The Cancer Had Disappeared!

My overall physical condition also improved considerably with Johrei, but because of my age and because I had always been concerned about lung cancer, in April 2002, I decided to have a checkup at the hospital. The doctor had an x-ray taken and when he saw the photograph, he said, "I am sure you had a shadow in this area, didn't you. The shadow has gotten to be faint, and you can hardly see it. In this condition, there is absolutely no worry at all. Very good." The topic of "cancer" always made me feel uneasy, and at the very mention of the word, I would become quite upset, but all of this feeling disappeared at once. At that time, if I had not depended on God, I would not have experienced this joy. Meishu-sama, thank you very much for this great miracle.
After I had gotten better, my daughter-in-law told me something else the head nurse had said to her. That is, that "lung cancer can spread to other places. The bones in the back can become painful, one can feel like throwing up, and that pressure can be felt in the chest. If your mother-in-law ever feels like that, please come in." When I heard what the nurse had said, I remembered that there had been times during eating when my food would not digest unless I lay down, that there had also been times that I had felt pain in my back when getting up in the morning. My daughter-in-law had always been concerned for me. She had always been at my side taking care of me for which I am very grateful.
Afterwards, my son and his wife went to the hospital to express gratitude for their help and to talk about World Messianity. The head nurse had had doubts about her profession, wondering, "what is medical treatment?" She said that with medical science only, there was just too much that could not be understood. The hospital was also very pleased to let us borrow the x-ray photograph saying, "Yes, please use it if it will help." I was very happy that the hospital doctor was able to understand that there is a mysterious power invisible to the eyes.
I have since heard of one medical authority who says that in the case of a cancerous growth the size of one centimeter, there is a high probability that it will spread throughout the entire body. Once again, I was moved by the greatness of my miracle.