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My Allergies to Certain Foods Go Away

T. I., Kanagawa, Japan

Since infancy I had an allergy to eating certain foods such as eggs, squid, octopus, and shellfish. If I put any of these substances into my mouth, I would continue to suffer from choking and my internal organs constricting until the food was digested. These foods were indeed my natural enemies. I could not avoid worrying whether eggs, squid, octopus, or shellfish was in any of the dishes I was eating and I was never without the fear of eating. However, I began to receive Johrei and the opportunities to eat agricultural products that did not contain chemical fertilizers or pesticides increased in 1993, and changes started to occur in my body. The aversion to and the fear of foods to which I had had allergic reactions slowly started disappear. Then, several years after I began to receive Johrei, one day I had the strange impulse that I wanted eat an egg and, just following what my body wanted, put into my mouth the egg that I had so far feared so much. Surprisingly I did not have an allergic reaction at all and was very happy. Thankfully, not just eggs, it turned out that I did not have allergic reactions to squid, octopus or shellfish either. Indeed, I am full of feelings of appreciation that nowadays I can enjoy eating my food without worry of any form of allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions since infancy

I understand that since I had been a baby I did not eat very much. Then, there was even the time when my mother was pregnant with me that she became nauseous after she ate oysters. And, because my mother's sister had allergic reactions to squid, it seems my parents thought that one of the reasons I had no appetite was because I might be allergic to some foods.

Ate school lunch crying

When I was in the first grade of elementary school there was an occasion when fried buckwheat noodles with squid were on the lunch menu, and it was very painful for me every time I put a bite of it into my mouth. Physically I felt terrible. Since I had been told by my teacher not to leave any of the school lunch on my plate, I cried as I ate the whole portion. In those days, allergies to foods were not as recognized as they are today. By the time I entered high school, my life was even more difficult than before both physically and mentally as school events and studying for examinations continued, and I broke out in a rash.

The suffering from severe allergic reactions

Severe allergic reaction would occur particularly if I ate squid, octopus, shellfish, or raw eggs. In addition to hives, I was attacked by pain with swelling from my lips, choking, spittle drying up in my mouth, and feeling my internal organs constricting. These symptoms would continue until what I had put in my mouth had been eliminated as diarrhea. Even if I closed my eyes and did not see what was going into my mouth, my body would react in the same way.

The fear of eating

It was for this reason that I held a fear of the very act of eating. Since there were terrible results if I happened to eat something by mistake, when eating out I would always try to confirm whether the dishes I was thinking of ordering contained eggs, squid, octopus, shellfish or not, and whenever I was overly anxious, I would ask the server what was in the food. I really felt bad that I had to apologetically refuse the good wishes of people when I had to unavoidably turn away gifts of food.

Start of receiving Johrei

It was in 1993 that my life began to change. On the advice of a friend, I began to receive Johrei and I stopped taking all medicines. Then, in 1999 I married a member of the church, and my wife changed my diet so that I was able to increase the amount of foods I ate which had been cultivated by agriculture that did not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Cleaning out of the physical body

Even though difficult physical and emotional aspects of my life did not continue all the time, for about six or seven years after joining the church, I would come down with hives at the same period each year. The diarrhea also continued. Members of the church taught me that impure elements were being expelled and that my body was cleansing itself. As I continued to receive Johrei, each year it came to be that I would completely recover from the hives in about a week.

Freed from allergy to eggs!

An intriguing thing that happened was that resistance and revulsion to certain foods from which I experienced allergic reactions weakened without any effort on my part. One time, when I saw the half-boiled egg on top of a beef bowl, I thought to myself, "I want to eat that!" Preparing myself for the worst, I put a bite into my mouth, and even though I felt a reaction in my body, it was nothing like the attacks of pain that I had previously suffered. At first I thought it must be some kind of mistake, so I tried taking another bite, but I was still all right. For me, this was tremendous. I had been truly freed from this allergy. For a while after this discovery, I ate an egg almost every day.

No problems with squid, octopus, or shellfish either!

I found out that I was not allergic to squid anymore when a customer at work literally forced upon me a dried snack made with squid, assuring me that it was quite all right to eat. After that, I also tried eating octopus and shellfish and found that I did not have allergic reactions to these foods either.

Nothing more joyful than the pleasure of eating

The pleasure of eating every day-there is nothing more joyful to someone like me who has experienced the suffering that accompanies eating allergies. I am truly thankful that through Johrei and the eating of agricultural products that have been grown without use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, I have been saved from the terror of eating allergies that I had once believed I would never be able to escape.