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Recovery from scalded foot and heart defect with Johrei

H. H., Tokyo, Japan

Rather soon after birth, my eldest daughter Miyu was found to have a hole five millimeters wide in the upper part of her heart, and we were informed that an operation would be necessary once she reached‚weight between four and five kilograms. I was truly shocked. Recommended by a friend, Miyu received Johrei everyday. As Johrei was channeled, the hole in her heart amazingly shrank to a diameter between two and three millimeters, and the doctor said that if she continued to develop so vigorously, Miyu would not require surgery. Thereafter, as Miyu continued to receive Johrei, her complexion improved, and at the hospital, we were told that a thin membrane had formed over the hole in her heart and that most likely the membrane would grow thicker.
There was also the time when Miyu burned her foot with boiling water but receiving Johrei she experienced no pain and in the period of three weeks, her skin returned to a normal condition with no keloid scars remaining.

Daughter with a hole in the heart

My eldest daughter Miyu was horn on October 13, 2004. soon after birth, however, we were told that a heart murmur had been detected, and she was hospitalized. As a result of tests, a hole five millimeters wide was found in the upper section of her heart, and we informed that as holes in the upper part of the heart generally do not heal naturally, when she grew to weight between four and five kilograms, surgery would be necessary. I was truly shocked.

Receiving Johrei with hope

In tears I told an acquaintance, Mrs. Ando, about the situation, and she suggested that during the period before the operation we try having Miyu receive Johrei, Previously, l had had the experience of both my thumbs being healed of tenosynovitis through receiving Johrei, and I thought Johrei should be tried on Miyu. From that day, Mrs. Ando went to the hospital and channeled Johrei to my daughter.

Size of the hole shrinks!

One week later Miyu was discharged from the hospital. The day following the discharge, we took Miyu to a university-affiliated hospital for specialized tests. Amazingly, the size of the hole in her heat had decreased to a width between two and three millimeters. The doctor informed us that she was breast feeding well, that she had a loud, healthy cry, and that if she continued to develop in this condition, Miyu would be all right without surgery. We were very happy. In addition, the doctor said that it would probably be acceptable if the drugs for prevention of influenza and the heart disease called Roemheld Syndrome were not administered.

After pneumonia, complexion improves

Even though we had been instructed by the doctor to make sure that as Miyu was suffering from heart disease, she did mot break out with a cold, two weeks after her birth, Miyu caught a cold from her brother and her cold developed into pneumonia. Receiving Johrei every day, however, Miyu recovered completely from pneumonia within a period of three days. In addition, after recovery Miyu's complexion that formerly had been a sickly bluish-pale changed to a healthy pink. I was sincerely thankful to see this change.

Hole in the heart covered by a membrane!

In May 2006, a little over a year after recovery from pneumonia, on her first birthday, we took Miyu to the hospital. Tests showed that a thin membrane had formed over and covered the hole in Miyu's heart. We were told by the doctor that as the membrane grew thicker, Miyu's condition would improve. I was so happy, my heart was full of appreciation.

Miyu suffers a bad scalding

But prior to the period before the growth of the membrane over the hole in Miyu's heat, In August 2005, we had gone to stay a night for our summer vacation at Tateyama, in Chiba, and while I was making preparations for return home, there was a scream in pain. Just for the moment I had taken my eyes off her, Miyu, who had been crawling around, had knocked over an electric kettle, and the hot water had splashed on the tips of her toes and the heel of her right foot. Confused and trembling, I immediately channeled Johrei to Miyu's foot. While riding in the car that was hurrying for church, I repeatedly begged Meishu-sama for help and channeled Johrei who was crying in pain. As I did so, I was surprised because Miyu soon fell asleep and continued to sleep peacefully.

Having the church minister look at Miyu

I was relieved when we arrived at church and the minister immediately began to attend to Miyu, but the skin of the five little toes of her foot was mushy and peeling off, The injury was so pitiful I could not look at it. To keep her toes from sticking together, the minister inserted small, cut strips of celluloid between the toes and carefully wrapped each toe in gauze. She then wrapped a bandage around the whole foot, and Johrei was channeled.

Burn areas become completely normal

After the accident, Miyu continued to receive Johrei everyday. Amazingly, no noticeable burn scars remained, and Miyu did not show any sign of being in pain. In three weeks the bandage came off with little effort. No disinfectants had been applied, nor, apart from the initial accident, neither had Miyu experienced any feelings of pain, and her skin was normal without signs of keloid scars. I truly appreciate the wonderful power of Johrei.