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Recovery from Tenosynovitis with Johrei

K.M., Tokorozawa, Japan

After my company transfer to Tokyo in 1984, I was kept very busy with work, and my life of sitting at the computer from morning into late at night at all times apart from breaks for meals continued until I came to be afflicted with tenosynovitis. Both my hands became swollen and I lost all sensation in my arms from the fingertips to the elbows. The lethargy in both arms gradually worsened in spite of repeated massage therapy, and I was continually anxious that I could not proceed with my work as I wanted. In the midst of feelings of despair that even extended to contemplating resignation from my job, one day in 1986 I heard about Johrei, and thinking it all I had, I went to the church. With one session of Johrei, the numbness in both hands decreased and sensation returned. Afterwards, as I continued to receive Johrei, in addition to relief from the affliction of tensoynovitis, I also felt the lethargy lifting and experienced greater lightness in my whole body. I now spend my days in appreciation.

Extreme busyness each day

I was born and raised in Osaka and started working for a computer company there. After three years in the company, I was transferred to Tokyo in 1984. I had always dreamed of living in Tokyo, but the reality was that work kept me extremely busy. I tried to proceed with my work on the keyboard as quickly and for as long a time as possible. I would only become aware of my surroundings when a colleague called me for meals or late at night to go home. Finishing work and leaving the company every night around two, I took a taxi back to my apartment in Kichijoji where I would go to sleep immediately upon entering the front door. As this routine repeated itself each day it was probably only natural that I came down with the occupational disease of tenosynovitis.

Suffering from tenosynovitis

I first felt symptoms one night on the train returning home. Both my right and left hand seemed to be swelling. After that, numbness started and gradually worsened. Finally, I lost all sensation in the area between my elbows and fingertips, and my arms felt so heavy I could not even lift them. Impatient with being unable to use my hands as I wished, I fell into mental anxiety, and I often wanted to hit the walls with the hands in which I had lost sensation.

Massage therapy does not work anymore

I went to a local massage therapist and was told that if I did not come on Saturdays every week I would lose use of my arms. The forty thousand yen a month that massage therapy cost was a great expense for me at that time, but it was unavoidable because my arms did feel better after a massage session, so I went to the therapist every weekend. Mondays were the my best days but as the weekend approached, my hands became stiffer, and so I continued my visits to the therapist, but gradually my hands stiffened, not by the weekends, but by Wednesdays, then Tuesdays, and finally the massage therapy's efficacy had worn off by the time work ended on Mondays.


It got to the point that my arms felt lethargic whether working at the keyboard or not, and upon returning home there were many times I thought that something terrible would happen to me when I could not move my hands at all. That was my life when on one Sunday in May of 1986, I had not been able to use my arms since the day before and was unable to do anything. I could not even make a telephone call and was just sleeping. I felt the limitations of both my physical and mental strength, and in feelings of despair I was thinking of handing in my resignation to the company Monday, the next day.

The astonishing results of Johrei

It was on this very Sunday that someone named Kashimura knocked on my door with pamphlets and for the first time I heard about Johrei. She told me that my hands and arms would feel better just by the waving of a hand over them without use of medicines. Dubious but feeling it was the last resort, I went to the church at Higashi Nakano that day. Immediately after the first time I received Johrei, I was surprised and excited to find that sensation returned to both my hands. I can never forget my joy.

Tenosynovitis improves tremendously

After that, I continued to visit the church and receive Johrei. Several days later, the swelling in my hands went away, and I felt much better as the numbness together with the lethargy slowly went away. Within about three months, my tenosynovitis improved tremendously. I never went to the message therapist again, and not only did my arms regain movement, but the lethargy in my shoulders, back, and lower back went away, and I felt lighter both mentally and physically. I am filled with feelings of appreciation that I am able to live each day and work in good health. Thank you very much.