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Saved from Eighteen-year-long Battle with Drugs over Atopic Dermatitis

M.H., Tokyo, Japan

With every application of medicine, the atopic dermatitis from which I had suffered since infancy worsened. In the summer of my eighteenth year, I was afflicted with drug eruptions that were so bad that pus flowed from my entire face. Also, I was tormented by a fear of medicines. It was just at that time that I heard of Johrei. At first I doubted whether Johrei would work, but I started to receive Johrei in the middle of January of 1990, and by the middle of June of that same year, my face that had been covered with pus was completely clear and normal.

Eczema breaks out

I broke out with eczema during my infancy. At that time, the periods when the eczema did not appear were longer than otherwise, so medicines were used only when the outbreaks were the worst, and even then sparingly and with care. My mother cautioned me that though medicine controlled the eczema from the outside, the condition came from the inside, which is where it had to be healed.

Eczema reaches my neck

During my middle-school years, eczema started to appear as far down as my neck, and feeling uneasy about my condition, for the first time on my own volition I sought treatment from a dermatologist. I took an oral drug three times every day without fail, and each time I visited the clinic I received an intramuscular injection. Since I was leery of applying an ointment without a label, I only used the ointment the dermatologist had given me when I was worried about my appearance. After several months had passed, however, my face became swollen from the side effects of the oral drug I was taking.

Atopy spreads to my whole face

After becoming a high-school student, spasmodic fits of itchiness started, so even though I knew that medicine would only temporarily control the symptoms, there were several periods when I regularly went to the dermatology department of a general hospital. In my final year of high school, atopy, which I had never experienced before, broke out on my forehead, and even though I had strongly resisted rubbing medical ointment on my face, I started to apply a weak steroid cream to my face. By the time of high school graduation, atopy had spread to my entire face. Though I felt that medicine would not cure my condition, that it could only control it, I still felt annoyance and irritation that all I had to depend on were medicines.

Face becomes mushy with puss

In March of 1989, I left home to go to Tokyo for vocational school. I used steroid and non-steroid ointments that a doctor had prescribed, and I also tried applying a face lotion to revitalize the surface of the skin on my face. The symptoms only worsened. At the end of July, puss started oozing out. When I got up in the morning, it was quite a struggle to untangle the towel and hairs which had stuck to the puss that had solidified. After I had finally gotten the towel and hairs off my face, it was mushy with puss. There continued some days when I could not leave my apartment. Even if I was able to go outside, the wind would penetrate the skin on my face and I would automatically erupt in tears. I could not but cover my face with a towel, and there were even times when I thought that I had rather be dead.

Doubtfully receiving Johrei

It was during this period that I happened to be riding on the train when a complete stranger told me that there was a place where sickness and injuries could be healed without medicines. I did not believe that such a place could exist, but I thought I could not be any worse off than I was then and promised to go there the following day. I received Johrei for the first time on October 4, 1989. Johrei was explained to me and I learned that impure substances such as medicinal toxins would be dissolved. I was further told, "You may not believe at first, but you will get better as you receive Johrei," and I began to think that I would come back again to receive Johrei. My doubts about where had gone the medicines that my skin had absorbed were clarified, but I still did not believe that I would improve. I was thankful, though, that at least I would be able to rid from my body the medicines I had been using.

A solid sense of how wonderful is Johrei

The following day, on the fifth, a lot of mucous was discharged from my eyes and my period began. I felt as if the drugs from within my body had started to be dispelled. I saw with my own eyes how wonderful was the effect of Johrei. From the middle of January of 1990, I received Johrei every day. There were nights when the atopic symptoms were so bad I could not sleep, but when I prayed to Meishu-sama or read the teachings, I fell asleep before I had even realized.

A miracle! My face is normal

There were instances when the sensation of itchiness increased as I received Johrei. When I had used medicines and scratched to relieve the itchiness, the condition worsened that much more, but with Johrei, when I scratched due to the itchiness, there was no pain afterward nor were there any marks, and my face was made normal. And, to my surprise, my face, which had been covered with puss, became completely clear and normal in six month's time. I was able to change my life from one that had been inseparable from medicine to one in which I am without anxiety and confident that any illness I may happen to come down with can be healed with Johrei. I live every day with a feeling of thankfulness.