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Severe Case of Sensitivity to Cold and Stiff Shoulders Completed Cured

A.F., Tokyo

From around December 1998, I started going to the church once a week in order to receive Johrei. I had been suffering from extreme sensitivity to cold, and no matter what I tried to do to keep warm, I could not feel warm even wrapped in blankets, my hands and feet always felt chilly, and I could not get a good night's sleep. One night in the winter of the following year, I tried getting into bed without using any of the special warming techniques I had taken for my feet. As I did so, my feet naturally became warm. Since that time, even in the coldest of winter, I do not have to do anything special, my body naturally warms after getting into bed, and I am able to sleep quite soundly.

Problem starts from stiff shoulders

Recommended by a cousin, the first time I received Johrei was March 1997. At that time I just had the simple hope that Johrei might relieve even if only by a little bit the problem of my stiff shoulders. Ever since I got my first job, I had suffered terribly from stiff shoulders. They hurt so much that I often had my mother massage my shoulders when I got home. Even at work I would frequently ask friends to massage my shoulders. Those who at first would gladly do so got tired of responding to my ever growing number of requests. I felt truly terrible because even though I knew it was an inconvenience for them, I could not help asking.

Stiff shoulders improve

I was dubious about what results I might receive from Johrei, but as my cousin had recommended it, I tried receiving Johrei. In the space of about once every one or two months of receiving Johrei, I felt my shoulders becoming much lighter than before. My mother and friends were surprised and remarked that I hadn't asked them for massages recently. I was very impressed with the results from Johrei and started to entertain the hope that perhaps even my sensitivity to cold could be cured but did not manage to get Johrei so often believing myself to be too busy.

Severe sensitivity to cold

My case of sensitivity to cold was rather severe and I had been suffering from it from quite a while. When I slept at night I wore a hooded parka over my pajamas, used a hot water bottle and electric blanket, and to keep my throat from hurting, wrapped a muffler or blanket around my neck and a blanket over my shoulders, under many blankets. Still I could not get warm. Even when I warmed my hands and feet before getting into bed, I still got cold. It was so bad, I once got out of bed and warmed my hands and feet in the kotatsu, and then got back into bed again. I could not sleep on my back without getting cold, and I tried sleeping face down but still could not get to sleep. I was so cold I would huddle into a ball and was finally able to sleep. But in the morning I would still be tired, getting up was rather difficult, and I would always be in a bad mood.


Another condition that I suffered from, even during the summers, was, because I suddenly got loose bowels when I would have a cold drink, I was not able to take a cold drink while outside my home. Even when I had taken precautions, my stomach would start hurting during my daily commute, and it got to the point where I had memorized the location of every toilet along the route of my daily commute. During my student days, I had experienced diarrhea every day for more than a month at a time. I even had undergone an examination for my diarrhea at a hospital, but the results had been inconclusive. I had even been prescribed tranquilizers for my anxiety but did not take the medicines.

Cold sensitivity healed!

The situation could not go on like this I decided, so I determined to continue receiving Johrei. From around December of 1998, I started going to church once a week to receive Johrei. As I continued to receive Johrei, before I even realized I recovered from diarrhea. As far as my extreme sensitivity to cold is concerned, there was not a big change that winter, but all areas of my life went in a good direction. And, about a year later, during the winter of 1999, I realized that the cold sensitivity had completely gone away, so I tried getting into bed with feet cold. Intriguingly, my feet, which had never become warm inside the bed sheets, now got warm! I was very happy. The next night, the same thing happened, and the next night, and the next. My feet now got warm on their own, and thankfully, since then I have not had to take any of my measures to keep from getting cold. Even when the room temperature is as low as seven degrees in winter, I warm up inside a thin futon mattress, a cotton blanket, and a down comforter, and I am able to get a good sleep. I have recovered from the stiff shoulders and sensitivity to cold from which I had suffered. The efficacy of Johrei is wonderful, I do believe. I am truly thankful.