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When Flower Arrangements Were Displayed In Our Classroom

Y.I., First Year, High School, Tokyo, Japan

In the third year of middle school after the end of the summer vacation, various problems came about in my class. The students of the class as a whole discussed the problems, but the situation did not improve and even the parents talked over the situation. During the parents' discussion, my mother proposed that a flower arrangement be displayed in our classroom. She made this proposal because we have been taught at church that viewers' hearts can be made more beautiful and transparent through contact with flowers. My mother and I right away made a point of placing a flower arrangement in my classroom. After several days, some of the students began looking at the arrangement. And, in a while before we even realized, the problems of stealing and fighting disappeared.
Nearly all the students of our class passed their entrance examinations to high school, and in March all members of the class were able to successfully graduate from middle school.

Topic of the essay was "Appreciation"

I have been receiving Johrei ever since I was in my mother's womb. In my high school entrance application process, I was able to obtain an individual recommendation to my preferred private high school and successfully passed my entrance examination. The entrance examination consisted of writing an essay and undergoing an interview. I was quite surprised when I saw that the title of the essay was to be "Appreciation." Since previous test essays had had titles such as "What I Remember from Middle School," "My Dream for the Future," and "Something Important," "Appreciation" was not a title that I had been expecting, but because the subject of the importance of appreciation has been a topic of our study sessions at church, I was able to write readily on the topic. At the interview, I was praised by the teacher for voluntarily bringing flower arrangements to class.

Various Problems Crop Up in Class

There was a reason why I started taking flower arrangements to my classroom. That reason was that during my third year of middle school after our summer vacation, many problems occurred in my class. We talked the problems over in our class, but the situation did not improve, and even the parents discussed the problems among themselves. During the parents' discussion, my mother proposed putting a flower arrangement in their children's classroom.

Displaying Flower Arrangements

The very next day after she made the proposal, my mother brought a flower arrangement to my classroom. After that, I took flowers to the classroom. Several days later, among my female classmates there started to appear those who began to notice the flowers and several made comments like "These flowers have a nice scent!," "How pretty!" and "What is the name of this flower?" I was very happy.

The Class Begins to Calm Down

After we started placing flower arrangements at school, our class gradually began to settle down. We had been worrying about high school entrance examinations and nearly all members of the class were able to pass their respective examinations. We were all very happy. I had been taught at church that our souls are purified as we view beautiful objects, and sure enough our class was purified by the flowers and thus became better. Thank you very much.

All Graduate Successfully

Finally, on March 18, all the members of my class, Section B, Third Year, were able to successfully graduate. There was a female student who had not been coming to school. I had worried about her and asked Meishu-sama, "Please allow everyone to graduate successfully." And, two days before the graduation ceremony, the student resumed coming to school and was able to graduate with the rest of us. Meishu-sama, thank you very much.