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Family Members and Friends Became Healthy with Johrei

M.K., Third Year, Middle School, Gunma Japan

I learned about Johrei when I was an elementary-school student and since then whenever I have experienced sickness or injury, Johrei has restored me to health. And, as I saw my mother channel Johrei every day to many people, I came to realize how busy she must be and I helped her to channel Johrei to them. I was able to see people happy at having received Johrei, and gradually I came to feel joy at being able to channel Johrei. Among family members, my grandparents did not show much understanding about Johrei in the beginning, but with Johrei, my grandmother had the pain in her shoulders and in her wrist healed and my grandfather had a temperature of thirty-eight degrees and symptoms of nausea cured, and now my whole family lives each day in gratitude for our experience of how wonderful Johrei is. I hope to be able to channel Johrei to as many persons as possible from now on.

Grandparents who did not show any understanding of Johrei

Before learning about Johrei, I would go to the doctor and take medicine when I came down with a cold. I was told about Johrei for the first time when I was in elementary school. From that time on, I received Johrei when I had headaches or felt dizziness. When receiving Johrei, I would feel better physically and a lot more comfortable. I had had stiff shoulders since childhood, but with continued Johrei to my shoulders the stiffness lessened. My grandparents live with us and even though I told them of the benefits of Johrei, they did not show much interest in learning more.

Grandmother's pain in shoulders and wrists gone

My grandmother continually suffered from pain in her shoulders and would go to the doctor for injections of drugs for nerve blockage. I told her that she would get better with Johrei and channeled Johrei to her every day. In two days time, there was no change, but I still continued to channel Johrei. Then, one day, when I was channeling Johrei to her, there was a snapping sound in her shoulder. I told her that I heard a sound in her shoulder and asked her if she was all right. She happily told me, "It seems the pain has gone away." I also was very happy and did experience that Johrei is indeed tremendous.

Some time later, my grandmother's left wrist started hurting. At the hospital she was told that there was a high probability that she was suffering from rheumatism. I gave her Johrei every day. Later she went to the hospital for tests again and this time was told that she had inflammation of the muscle sheathes in her wrist. As I continued to daily channel Johrei to her, the inflammation went down, and the pain went away in no time at all.

Channeling Johrei with my mother

After work, my mother always either met with people somewhere, had them over to our house, or went to someone else's home in order to channel Johrei. Seeing that she would channel Johrei to as many people as possible after having been so busy with work was I thought really tremendous. I wanted to start helping her. When I channeled Johrei to my mother's friend, Mrs. Sasaki, she told me, "Ah, my shoulder feels much lighter. Thank you very much," which made me very happy. I went on to channel to Mrs. Fujisawa, Mrs. Kodaka, family members of my schoolmates, and several other people. In the beginning, I thought it very difficult for my mother to channel Johrei to so many people, but I came to feel the joy of being able to channel Johrei. And then, when I would see on the television accounts of people who were sick or injured, I thought how I wish they were close by so I could channel Johrei to them.

Grandfather receives Johrei

On May 15, 2008, when I came home from school, I found my grandfather in bed with a fever of thirty-eight degrees. Whenever I had asked my grandfather if he would like to receive Johrei, he had said no thank you. Now, he had a fever and had started to throw up, so worrying about him, I asked him if he would like me to channel Johrei. Gratefully he said, "Please," and I was able to channel Johrei to my grandfather for the first time. After that, alternating with my elder brother, we each channeled Johrei to him two times a day.

Grandfather gets healthy

The following day, even though he had not eaten anything, he vomited a black liquid and for the next four days was not able to eat anything but continued to vomit. On the fifth day, he was able to eat some pieces of melon, and on the sixth day, he ate some rice gruel made with rice and vegetables cultivated without chemical fertilizers. Within a week, the fever had lessened considerably, and three days later he was able to go to work. My grandfather was quite surprised to become so healthy without taking any medicine nor going to the hospital, just through receiving Johrei. Nowadays, my grandfather and grandmother also channel Johrei each day. I am very happy that both of them have come to understand how wonderful Johrei is. I do hope to be able to continue to channel Johrei to as many people as possible.