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Empty Wheelchair

R.F., Chiba Japan

Mrs. Fujihira, a member of Tokyo Reimei, does Johrei to a neighbor Mrs. Seki Ito, who has been bound to a wheelchair for fifteen years due to her neuralgia and heart trouble, and a dozen other ailments. After receiving Johrei only once, however, she is able to walk using her wheelchair as a support on the next day. There are painful times during the course of her recovery, but Johrei helps her go through the period and she finally can walk again. (Originally published in January 1981.)

Talks about Johrei with Customers

I first learned of Mrs. Ito's condition through her grandson, Tetsuya. I had been a member of the Tokyo Reimei Kyokai for about a year and a half. We had recently moved from Tokyo to a town in Chiba prefecture and started a small shop specializing in stationery for school children. As a shopkeeper, I had contact with many people, and casual conversation often turned to illness. Right from the start, I found that my customers were frequently very interested in Johrei. Today I give Johrei to more than thirty people regularly.

Tetsuya Comes to Our Shop

On that day in 1979, Tetsuya, a fifth grader, came to our shop, and I noticed that his foot was bandaged. I asked him what happened, and he said that he had injured his foot jumping. He had been to the hospital for three days in a row, but it was beginning to hurt more. The doctor had told him it would take over a month to get better. We talked about Johrei for a while, and later he came by my house with his mother. I gave him Johrei for the next several days.

Johrei Cures Tetsuya's Foot

The pain was gone on the first day, and the swelling went down on the third. It took only a week for Johrei to cure his foot. Tetsuya was thrilled that his foot had healed so quickly, and he asked me if I would help his grandmother, who had serious problems in her legs. I said I'd certainly try, and told him to bring her over.

Mrs.Ito's Serious Health Problems

They came by car, and as Mrs. Ito could not walk, she crawled into the house. She seemed to be in great discomfort, and she told me that because of neuralgia and heart trouble she had been unable to use her legs for fifteen years, but no one had been able to cure them. She seemed resigned to a hopeless situation. "I've had to go to the hospital countless times," she said, "because fluid periodically gathers around my knees. Sometimes I have to stay and have the fluid removed. At night, I wake up almost every hour because the pain is so bad. I have to massage my legs constantly."

Other Ailments

She continued, "My eyes bother me, too. I see black dots in front of them, which my doctor says is symptom of incipient cataracts, and so I use eyedrops. Also, I sometimes have a buzzing noise in my ears and almost constant headaches. My heartbeat speeds up and my blood pressure is too high, and I have to take stomach medicine regularly." She had so many problems that she did not expect to live much longer.

Quick Response

I prayed, and then gave her Johrei. Even I did not expect such a quick response, but afterwards her vision cleared and her palpitations and headache also disappeared. Mrs. Ito was amazed. Even her legs felt better! I knew, however, that a full, permanent cure would take time, and asked her to come back.

The Next Day

To our surprise, the next day she came to my house using her wheelchair as a support. She had walked the entire twenty-five minutes it took to get there. Even though Mrs. Ito had not walked for fifteen years, she came that day on her own two feet after having received Johrei only once. My heart was bursting with gratitude and love for God. My neighbors were all excited about it, too. Mrs. Ito's problems did not recur. She stopped taking medicine, and her stomach and digestive system began to function normally.

One Week Later

One week after she had begun to receive Johrei, she called me in the middle of the night. She had a fever, her head ached, and she felt nauseous. Her family were pushing her to get medical treatment, but she told them that she wanted to receive Johrei just once more. I told her to come right over and when she arrived I began to give her Johrei. This time, sweat poured down her pale face. By the time she got home again, however, she looked and felt perfectly fine.

More People Come for Johrei

During the period when she was receiving Johrei frequently, on her way to my house, Mrs. Ito ran into people she had not seen for years. They couldn't believe their eyes, for she looked more vigorous than ever. And Mrs. Ito's excitement as she told them how she was cured was infectious. She was so happy that she would tell anyone who would listen about what had happened to her. As a result of Mrs. Ito's experience, a lot more people have been coming to me to receive Johrei. Since then, I have been kept incredibly busy giving and talking about Johrei, in addition to all my work at the shop, at home and with children. But none of this is really work; I enjoy all my activities, but teaching others about Johrei brings me the deepest happiness.

Out of Her Long Thorny Path

In September that year, I brought more than ten people to the Johrei center in Higashi-Nakano for the first time, and Mrs. Ito was one of them. She had been unable to sleep the night before from excitement, having not been to Tokyo by train for fifteen years. At the center, Mrs. Ito sat and prayed, unmoving except to wipe away tears. How deeply grateful she must have been thinking of what God had done for her. She had followed a long, thorny path through fifteen years of pain, and now she was free. "I feel like someone let out of prison after fifteen years," she said. That day she became a member of the center.