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A voice of the joy of the experient

Johrei has wrought miracles in the lives of countless people.
Listen to just a few of themc

¥[New] The Tremendous Miracle of The Expulsion of a 1.5x1 cm Stone (calculus)
¥[New] Stung repeatedly by wasps on both my limbs, severe pain and inflammation relieved in a short time
¥Diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Saved by Johrei
¥My Allergies to Certain Foods Go Away
¥Recovery from scalded foot and heart defect with Johrei
¥Recovery from Tenosynovitis with Johrei
¥Saved from Eighteen-year-long Battle with Drugs over Atopic Dermatitis
¥What My Weakened Body Wanted Were Farming Products Cultivated Without Fertilizers and Pesticides
¥Severe Case of Sensitivity to Cold and Stiff Shoulders Completed Cured
¥Personal Relationship Improves Through the Study of Art
¥My chattering, Singing Boy
¥Miraculous Recovery from the Terminal Case of Lung Cancer
¥Black Rubber Gloves
¥Empty Wheelchair
¥Chronic Otitis, Hypertrophy of the Tonsils and Empyema
¥Family Members and Friends Became Healthy with Johrei
¥When Flower Arrangements Were Displayed In Our Classroom