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Publishing is a major part of our effort to spread Meishu-sama's teaching throughout the world and ensure that it will be transmitted to future generations. Our publications center on writings by Mokichi Okada and works about him and his teaching.

In 1984, together with two sister organizations in Kyoto--Reimei Kyokai and Meshiya Kyokai--we published the English translation of the core teachings of Mokichi Okada. It is called Johrei: Divine Light of Salvation. This is a basic English-language exposition of the teaching. More than 10,000 copies have been sent around the world to individuals and university and public libraries. The introduction contains a biography of Mokichi Okada and his spiritual journey, and the appendices include interpretative essays on points of doctrine, an account of a controlled test of Johrei administered to cancer patients, and a detailed discussion of nature farming in theory and practice.

Shinkosha no michi (The Way of a Believer) presents some of the fundamental teachings on how believers should try to lead their everyday lives. (In Japanese)

Sukui no mihikari (The Light of Salvation) contains the essence of Meishu-sama's teachings about Johrei. (In Japanese)

Kami no akashi (Witness to God) records the happy voices of members relating their recovery from injuries and illnesses after receiving Johrei. (In Japanese)

Seimeikyo (Bright Frontier) is our main periodical. It comes out three times a year, and includes essays on Mokichi Okada's teachings, discussions of art, reports and news about nature farming, and individual accounts of divine blessings and protection, as well as major events. (In Japanese)

A detailed pamphlet in Japanese and English versions, and other materials introducing Johrei to the general public.