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The Daily Life of Tokyo Reimei Kyokai

The main activities of Tokyo Reimei are focused on helping other people through prayer and Johrei, at the Johrei centers and at the homes of believers. We believe that when our soul, the core of our humanity, is purified, it becomes spiritually elevated and we become better people. We are then able to form strong, contributing families and healthy communities.

Worship service at Izunome Hall. Johrei administered by the director to the whole group is an important part of the ceremony.

Reimei Chorus performing an oratorio at the celebration of Meishu-sama's birth, December 23, 2000


Regular worship together is central to our community, as well as our individual players in daily life.
Reimei Kyokai holds services once a month and festivals on special occasions throughout the year. Both are held in Izunome Hall. We begin by giving thanks for the blessings of food, clothing, and shelter that sustain our daily life, and then we offer prayers for the coming of a world without sickness, poverty, or war\Paradise on Earth. We also hold monthly services and annual festivals to honor our forebears at the Ancestors Memorial Hall.
After prayers, the minister gives a lesson on the scripture, and then he administers Johrei to the congregation. Finally one or more individuals come forward to relate their personal experience of a miracle of Johrei that protected them or healed them in some way.

The congregation at prayer
before the main altar

Continuing the service with music

Study Groups

Several of Tokyo Reimei's study groups are organized around different age brackets. They are designed to help members acquire a deeper understanding of Mokichi Okada's teaching and develop their own faith as individuals. Other study groups focus on specific topics based on his teaching, including health, childbirth, childrearing, art, agriculture, and others. From time to time specialists in a field related to the topic are invited to speak and participate in the discussion. Everyone at Tokyo Reimei understands clearly that Johrei, the heart of the promise of salvation in Mokichi Okada's teaching, is a divine gift to no particular religion or sect, but to all humankind. We eagerly welcome opportunities to exchange views with people of different faiths, and our members and staff participate in international symposia and seminars.

TheWomen'sGroup\the vital core of our outreach activities

Bonfire night\Overnight camp for the
Elementary School Study Group

Lunch break on a hike up Mt. Takao,
near Hachioji in western Tokyo

The Young Adults' Study Group -- part lecture,
part discussion Twenty-year-olds celebrate
Coming-of-Age Day (January 15) at Izunome Hall.

Congratulations to our newly-minted first-graders!