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Johrei means divine purifying light. To administer Johrei is to channel the light simply by holding out your hand toward the ailing area. It involves no physical contact with the other person. Today, more than a million people around the world are administering and teaching about Johrei.

Purifying Light

The healing light reaches the very soul and cleanses it, becoming a power that can lead us to genuine health, which includes generosity of spirit and repugnance for conflict. Johrei always has that effect, even if the recipient is initially skeptical. It is this power, Johrei, that will enable people to live someday in an earthly paradise, freed from the unhappiness of sickness, poverty, and strife, and filled with truth, goodness, and beauty. Johrei is a divine gift to humankind passed on to us through Mokichi Okada. Anyone can receive Johrei, believer or not, regardless of creed, nationality, race, or any other attribute. By receiving a seal (Omamori) and some instruction, anyone can administer Johrei to others.

Changed Lives

The members of Tokyo Reimei Kyokai are of all ages and occupations, but in almost every case, they became believers after a miracle of Johrei healed them of illness, unhappiness, or another misfortune, and they learned by experience of the transcendent power of the divine being. Their lives were changed, and now they are motivated by the wish to fulfill their ultimate purpose as human beings. Countless people come every day, believers and nonbelievers, to receive Johrei either at the Nakano Center, one of the other Johrei centers, or at the homes of the lay leaders

Johrei is the method of channeling healing light to someone, helping that person to become truly healthy in spirit and body.
As a general rule, Johrei is directed mainly to the head, shoulders, and lower back area, about five minutes toward the front, and about 10 minutes toward the back.