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Suzuko Nagashima, first director of Tokyo Reimei, giving Johrei at the Yanagicho Center in 1963

Izunome Hall

Yoshinori Nagashima, who became the second director in 2000, giving a lesson on the scripture at Izunome Hall

Tokyo Reimei Kyokai -- Past and Present

Suzuko Nagashima

When her daughter became ill, Mrs. Suzuko Nagashima (1914-2000), turned to Johrei, the divine light whose spiritual and physical healing power were taught us by our founder, Mokichi Okada. That event changed her life. After her daughter recovered, Mrs. Nagashima began serious study of the teachings of Okada, or Meishu-sama, as we usually refer to him. Mrs. Nagashima began her own ministry of healing in 1950 in the Kanda section of Tokyo.
An unusually gifted practitioner of Johrei, Mrs. Nagashima devoted herself to helping others learn the truth of the faith. Because of her pure and robust faith in Meishu-sama's teachings, and her tireless efforts to teach Johrei, she helped a great many people to recover from illness and overcome other kinds of suffering. She had a cheerful, practical disposition, shaped by the entrepreneurial culture of downtown Tokyo where she grew up. People were drawn to her caring and warm ministrations. Many came to her to receive Johrei, and just as many came to learn about the teaching.

Growth and Independence

In 1961 the Kanda Johrei Center moved to larger quarters, but soon the ever-expanding membership began to outgrow those facilities, too. In 1971 it moved again to Higashi Nakano, Nakano ward. That year it was formally renamed Reimei Kyokai, Tokyo Center, directed by Mrs. Nagashima The rising number of seekers wanting to learn about the teaching and grow in their faith came from an ever-widening area, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. Finally, in 1985 our organization was registered as a fully-accredited independent religious body with the new name Tokyo Reimei Kyokai.

Today and Tomorrow

In 1993 we completed a grand new place of worship in the city of Hachioji on the western fringe of Tokyo. It is called Izunome Hall. Then in 1997, a beautiful building dedicated to our forebears went up on the same site as Izunome Hall. It is called the Ancestors Memorial Hall. There are nine Johrei centers in the Kanto region (which includes Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama), one in Yamagata prefecture, and one in Yamaguchi prefecture. They provide easily accessible places for believers to go as they strive to deepen their faith and participate in our ministry of healing.

Inheriting the legacy of Suzuko Nagashima's faith, we try to follow Mokichi Okada's teachings and seek the ultimate truth. As our souls are cleansed through Johrei, we become more keenly aware of what, concretely, we must do to fulfill our mission as human beings and how to be healthy in spirit and body so that we can serve others. We work for a better tomorrow, for everyone.